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Campaigns from the Ugandan Community. These campaigns are aimed at improving the people of Uganda.

South Sudan Free Ugandan Journalists

South Sudan #Free Uganda Journalists

Hillary while covering floods in Kasese, Western Uganda a few months ago. This is Hillary Ayesiga a Ugandan journalist. I met Hillary in 2007...
Bududa Victims

Ugandans Act for Ugandan Victims of Landslides

On June 25 four villages in Bududa in eastern Uganda, were buried by landslides killing dozens and leaving  hundreds homeless. This was the third major landslide in three years. In March 2010 over 300 people killed. So far 20 bodies  have been recovered while about 100 people are still unaccounted for – believed to be buried underground. Many were rescued but more than 4,215 people have been displaced. FACTS: 91 households have been displaced with a total number of 735 people 112 survivors in the Bulucheke area have...
Tweeps Help Bududa Victims

UPDATE: Tweeps Help Bududa

Dear Friends of Bududa, You are receiving this email because you have contributed or expressed interest in supporting the People of Bududa. Hope you are...
Kony 2012

Uganda Speaks in Response to Kony2012

Invisible Children’s Kony2012 video brought infamy to Central Africa’s rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and its leader, Joseph Kony. But many have criticized...

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