Amuria Residents Accuse Leaders of Incompetence


Leaders in Amuria and Kapelebyong districts have been accused of abandoning the electorate, which has affected service delivery.

The voters argue that the leaders were available during the campaigns but have since disappeared after being elected, which has left them yearning for better services.

Hellen Apio, a resident of Orungo Sub County says that some youth want to benefit from the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF) and NAADs programme but are ignorant about the procedures and have no one to turn to for guidance.

Florence Ikwangu says that the leaders have not bothered to consult the residents on issues affecting them.

The concerns were raised during the regional Anti-corruption Convention organized by Teso Anti-Corruption Coalition (TAC) at Amuria District Headquarters on Sunday under the theme “Citizen Participation in the fight against corruption: A sustainable Path to Uganda’s Transformation”.

Christine Igwapu, resident of Amuria district says that it’s unfortunate that the elected leaders are only seen at burial ceremonies and other events.

Moses Emabu, the district councillor for Ogolai Sub County accused his fellow leaders of not being accountable to the electorate.

The Vice District Chairperson Kapelebyong District, Ketty Akol admitted that some elected leaders spend most of the time in Amuria and Soroti towns leaving their electorate in rural areas struggling to access better services.

However, David Ewayu, the Vice District Chairperson Amuria says that the councillors are in touch with the community and have mobilised the community for government programmes.


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