Widening cracks on Mt. Elgon Slopes Cause Panic


Widening cracks on Mt. Masaba cause panic among residents

Not good news in Uganda this morning. As rainfall increasingly continues to rain in Bugisu Sub Region and the gaps to the recently discovered cracks running along the slopes of the Mount Elgon also known as Mount Masaba continues to widen up. The Ugandan Government is now planning to quickly evacuate those living in the risky areas into temporary camps to be set in neighboring safer lower lands nearing the slopes of Mt Elgon to avoid any losses of life.

The state minister for disaster and preparedness Musa Ichweru while on his visit to Bulambuli District on Wednesday said that the metro-geological department has warned of a prolonged rainfall season in the Country which is likely to affect the Eastern Region part of Uganda which calls for immediate action.

Ichweru revealed that the Government is shifting from fighting deserters to deserter prevention adding that he is to put up some temporal camps in the flat areas within the slopes of Mt Elgon for emergency evacuation of those at high risks of facing both mudslides and landslides in a move to prevent any loss of life in case of another deserter occurrence.


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