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Best Time to Travel to Uganda

Cloudy Day in Uganda

Many travelers wonder about when is the best time to visit Uganda. The precise and concise answer is that Uganda a year round destination. It can be visited anytime of the year given its good climate.

Uganda’s climate due to its location on the Equator, its elevation, Lake Victoria and its impact on the weather patterns – all making Uganda a year round Travel Destination – temperatures vary mostly between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius – cooler at night. People often are concerned about those African Rains – even songs have been written about them “such as Toto’s “Rains in Africa” and Enya’s “Storms in Africa.” The rains in Uganda – East Africa come twice a year – the short rains in October to November and the so-called long rains from the middle of March to the end of May. This Uganda travel guide should guide you on this.

What are the Best Months of the Year to Visit Uganda

Wondering about the best Months to visit Uganda? Many people choose May to September and December to February as the best months to visit Uganda – there are also some drawbacks for those times. December – especially the last week of December is one of the busiest weeks of the year in the park and lodging must be booked well in advance since it is time when Expats and well to do Ugandans take a holiday in the National Parks and other Destinations in Uganda – some lodging facilities also charge a surcharge for the whole and week or just for the actual holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Uganda – whenever you want to visit and off-season means a visit without the crowds.

September and February are very good months for a safari and visit to Uganda – less people visiting, less crowded at lodging facilities but still excellent months.

The rainy seasons of the year – here is the reality – in Uganda Rains come and go – even during the rainy season – the sun comes out and dries up the rain-soaked African soil and life goes on.



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