Uganda to Celebrate World Tourism Day 2012 in Entebbe


World Tourism Day in Uganda is on September 27 at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe

Uganda is participating in this year’s World Tourism Day 2012 with the national celebrations taking place at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe town.

September 27, is the World Tourism Day celebrated annually, globally. This year’s theme: Tourism and Sustainable Energy.

The Ministry of  Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Wildlife Authority, UWEC (Zoo)  together with other tourism fraternity in Uganda and stakeholders have organized this eventful day for this year to take place at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (former Zoo) in Entebbe.

The celebrations to mark the #WTD2012 in Uganda will feature a special occasion with fully packed tourism events to mark the country’s 50 years of Independence, and as such, the events schedule runs from Tuesday 25 – Thursday 27 September, 2012. These events will culminate on World Tourism Day the 27th September.

Key highlights of the celebration include; Boat and bicycle racing, marking the island in Entebbe Municipality crossed by Equator among others. Entertainment-including a kids programme is planned, with lots of exciting activities and give-aways to keep the crowd involved.

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