Uganda’s Tourism Stakeholders speak out on Poaching in Semliki


Uganda’s tourism stakeholders speak out on the increasing Killing of Elephants in National Parks

Section of Uganda’s tourism stakeholders have voiced their concern over the increased killing of elephants and other wildlife animals in national game parks, citing the recent slaughter of a 40 year old elephant in Semiliki national park. The news came known in Uganda’s local daily.

One stakeholder on grounds on anonymity said I would like to applaud Peter of Wild Places for publicising this Killing and the awful level that poaching has come to.

We have had several meetings already about this recently, and we all know it’s not just in Semilki that the wildlife and Uganda’s heritage is being decimated and threatened, reports of horrendous poaching and the killing of wildlife come in daily.

So really it’s time we now take real action and quickly, not just some of us but all of us need to get behind the Campaign Against Poaching, and do whatever we can, use whatever contacts we have to halt this appalling abuse. Said a stakeholder to this correspondent, revealing what she thought was very good to curb the increase in poaching in Uganda.  The people responsible whoever they are and whatever position they hold, should be bought to book, this abuse of the wildlife of Uganda, many already endangered, is a very wicked business and irresponsibility at its highest level, as well as a national and international crime.

She went on to say, some of us have seen the pictures of this elephant and others just as bad, it is not an isolated incident, it happening all the time, even NOW.

In the next few weeks there will be an opportunity for all of us to get involved, voice their disgust and support the Campaign against Poaching.

In her last remarks, the stakeholder said, I implore you all to take it, and help preserve the wildlife in Uganda for future generations, Ugandans and Tourists alike, and by definition your businesses and livelihoods.

Please Don’t Just Read this and think how terrible it is, and then leave it to others to stop it, be a part of it and take action.

“Yours very concerned”…..

In recent years, East Africa’s elephants and other wildlife have become targets for commercial poachers. A lot of wildlife which are key tourist attractions in the region, have been massacred by these heartless gangs.

In Uganda for instance, the black and white rhinos were driven into extinction and not only in the last few year back have been re introduced by Rhino Fund at the prestigious Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.


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